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The Avengers Movie
Tony Stark / Ironman

After being gravely injured and pressured under the threat of death to create a weapon of mass destruction, Tony Stark instead created a powered suit of armor to free himself and protect the world as the Invincible Iron Man. 

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Portrayed by
Ironman Tony Stark Avengers
Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. has evolved into one of the most respected actors in Hollywood. With an amazing list of credits to his name, he has managed to stay new and fresh even after three decades in the business. In 1992, Downey received an Academy Award nomination and won the BAFTA (British Academy Award) for Best Actor for his performance in the title role of Chaplin (1992).

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Robert Downey Jr. Avengers
Steve Roges / Captain America

Too frail to serve during World War II, young Steve Rogers bravely volunteered to receive the experimental Super-Soldier Serum which transformed him physically, making him the pinnacle of human physical potential. Fighting Nazi's during the war and all matter of villainy since, Captain America is the Sentinel of Liberty.

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Captain America AvengersChris Evans Avengers
Chris Evans

Chris Evans - not to be confused with the British DJ and wild man of the same name - began his acting career in typical fashion: performing in school productions and community theater. But it was his rapid rise to stardom that was unusual. Bitten by the acting bug in the first grade because his older sister, Carly, started performing, Evans followed suit and began appearing in school plays. From there, it was a quick jump to theater camp and later an internship for a casting office - a position he held one summer while living in a hole-in-the-wall in Brooklyn, New York. Once Evans made friends with a few agents on the job, it was a straight shot to television and blockbuster features.

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Thor is the Asgardian God of thunder and lightning and one time ruler of Asgard. The son of Odin and the Elder Goddess Gaea, Thor is the mightiest warrior in all of his domain. He wields Mjolnir, the mythical Uru hammer enchanted with his father's magic.

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Thor Avengers
Chris Hemsworth

Chris studied American Dialect at Screenwise Film & TV School for Actors in Sydney Australia.Hemsworth was born in Melbourne, Australia to Leonie and Craig Hemsworth. His family relocated to a cattle station in the Northern Territory and lived there for a few years before moving to Phillip Island. Chris enjoyed surfing and playing sports while growing up.

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Chris Hemsworth AvengersLoki Avengers

Loki is the Asgardian God of Mischief and the adopted son of Odin and the archenemy of his stepbrother Thor. His cosmic meddling led to the formation of the Avengers.Loki is the son of the Frost Giant king, Laufey and his wife, Farbauti. When Odin killed Laufey in battle, he took the young Loki under his wing as his adopted son, following a prophecy by Bor, Odin's father.

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Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston studied at the University of Cambridge where he played rugby but gave it up for his love of acting and graduated with a "double 1st" in Classics. He also trained at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) and graduated from that in 2005. He won Best Newcomer at the Oliviers in 2008 and went to Eton College.

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Tom Hiddleston Avengers
Nick Fury

Nicholas Joseph Fury served in World War II as leader of the Howling Commandos. He's served as an agent of as well as director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury is one of the greatest strategic minds in the Marvel Universe, a master of espionage, and a born leader.

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Nick Fury AvengersSamuel L. Jackson Avengers
Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson usually played bad guys and drug addicts before becoming an action hero, as the character Mitch Henessey, in The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) and in Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995). From character player to leading man. His performance in Pulp Fiction (1994) gave him an Oscar nomination for his character Jules Winnfield. He was active in the black student movement. In the seventies he joined the Negro Ensemble Company (together with Morgan Freeman). In the eighties he became well known by three movies made by Spike Lee - Do the Right Thing (1989), Mo' Better Blues (1990) and Jungle Fever (1991). He received a Silver Berlin Bear for his part in the movie Jackie Brown (1997) as Ordell Robbi.

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Black Widow Avengers
Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow

Former KGB agent Natasha Romanova, known as Black Widow, is one of the greatest spies ever to live and is one of the best agents S.H.I.E.L.D. has ever had. She's a longtime member of the Avengers and was a founding member of the short-lived Los Angeles-based superteam: The Champions.

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Scarlett Johansson Avengers
Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson was born in New York City to Melanie Sloan (of Polish descent) and Karsten Johansson (of Danish descent). Scarlett showed a passion for acting at a young age and starred in many plays. She has a sister named Vanessa Johansson, a brother named Adrian, and aIn 2003, she was nominated for two Golden Globes, one for drama (Girl with a Pearl Earring) and one for comedy (Lost in Translation). She dropped out of Mission: Impossible III due to scheduling conflicts. Her next film role was in The Island alongside Ewan McGregor which earned weak reviews from U.S. critics. twin brother named Hunter Johansson born three minutes after her.

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Hawkeye Avengers
Clint Barton / Hawkeye

Trained by criminals, inspired by heroes, Clint Barton has grown from a troubled youth into one of the greatest super-heroes on earth. While he has been known by many names, the world knows him best as Hawkeye, Earth's Mightiest Marksman!

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Jeremy Renner Avengers
Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Lee Renner, son of Valerie and Lee, was born in Modesto, California. After a tumultuous yet happy childhood with four younger siblings, Renner graduated from Beyer High School and attended Modesto Junior College. He explored several areas of study, including computer science, criminology, and psychology, before the theater department, with its freedom of emotional expression, drew him in.

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The Incredible Hulk Avengers
The Hulk / Bruce Banner

Dr. Robert Bruce Banner was accidentally irradiated by Gamma Radiation by an experimental Gamma Bomb test and was turned into The Incredible Hulk. The world's leading authority on any and all forms of radiation, Dr. Banner transforms into The Incredible Hulk whenever he gets angry or excited.

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Mark Ruffalo Avengers
Mark Ruffalo

A native of Wisconsin, Mark Ruffalo moved with his family to Virginia Beach, Virginia where he lived out most of his teenage years. Following high school, Mark moved with his family to San Diego and soon migrated north, eventually settling in Los Angeles. He took classes at the Stella Adler Conservatory and subsequently co-founded the Orpheus Theatre Company, an Equity-Waiver establishment where he did yeoman work. Practically performing in every capacity, he went from acting, writing, directing and producing to running the lights and building sets while building up his resume.

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Lou Ferrigno (Voice of the Hulk)

An internationally famous and well respected bodybuilder / actor, Lou Ferrigno first appeared on TV screens in 1977 as the musclebound "The Incredible Hulk" (1978), the alter ego of meek scientist Bruce Banner. Ferrigno was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1951 and as a child suffered from an ear infection that resulted in permanent partial hearing loss. Undeterred by what some may have perceived as a disadvantage, Lou threw himself into athletics (predominantly weightlifting and body building) and at the age of 21 won his first Mr. Universe title. For good measure, he came back and won it again the following year!.

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Lou Ferrigno The avengersMaria Hill Avengers
Maria Hill

Maria Hill was the director of SHIELD after Nick Fury went AWOL, and became the Deputy Director following Civil War until it was disbanded after the Secret Invasion. Maria now supervises the Avengers on behalf of Steve Rogers

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Cobbie Smulders

Amazingly, newcomer Cobie Smulders never gave much thought to acting. Born on April 3, 1982, in Vancouver, British Columbia, as a girl, Cobie had set her sights on becoming a doctor or a marine biologist. In fact, it wasn't until high school that Cobie started to explore acting after appearing in several school productions. As a teenager, Cobie caught the eye of a modeling agency, which led to several years of world travel to places such as France, Japan, Italy, Greece, and Germany. Yet even as Cobie's modeling career was on the rise, she still managed to attend school, graduating from high school in 2000 with honors.

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Cobbie Smulders Avengers